Born to Explore. Just Like You.

A new species of performance footwear, designed to go wherever your feet take you.

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After years of seeing the same outdated designs and technologies in outdoor footwear, we asked ourselves, how could we create a entirely new species of footwear for explorers like us? A new kind of shoe that is, in every way we can think of, objectively better than what is out there.

What if we chose the very best materials at each turn? What if we insisted on both function and beauty? What if we built a business model that allowed us to deliver an exceptional product without increasing prices for our customers?

Performance from the Inside Out.

Lined in New Zealand merino wool, the Explora One story starts from within. With the heel locked in place, the foot is enveloped in a temperature and moisture regulated micro climate, powered by merino’s all natural odor neutralizing qualities.

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Ready for Anything.

Underfoot, a shanked midsole and Vibram® natural rubber provides full coverage, ensuring protection and control – in virtually any environment on the planet.

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Forever Fit.

Beyond the surface of our merino wool liner our moldable footbed ensures a custom fit just for you, vented for unsurpassed breathability.

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When the Difference is Material, the Choice is Natural.

New Zealand Merino Wool

Merino means your feet can breathe. It’s all natural moisture wicking and anti-microbial properties mean your feet stay dry and your shoes don’t smell.

Water Stopping Top Grain Leather

Clad in ultra durable, all natural top grain leather the Explora One can go the distance, and its nano-coated surface means water never even enters the surface.

The Explora One

• All natural merino wool liner keeps feet dry, warm and free of unwanted smell

• Nano coated top grain leather sheds water before it even enters the surface

• Vibram® rubber outsole provides exceptional grip and maximum protection

• Form fitting moldable instep for a true custom fit

• Available in 6 colors, men’s sizes -7-13, women’s 6-11

• Reserve now for early-bird pricing + exclusive 72 hour pre-launch access


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